Figurative Artwork

All pieces oin this page are for sale unless marked otherwise. If you are interested in any of the paintings then please Contact Thelma for more information.

Effigies at Hawkshead
These stone effigies represent William and Margaret Sandys the founders of Hawkshead School. They occupy a prominent position in Hawshead Church, Cumbria. They are unusual in that they recline casually facing towards us, instead of lying side by side, arms crossed in their sleeping forms. Also the flowing lines of their charming Elizabethan costumes are very attractive.
Effigies at Hawkshead Church Cumbria
Scarecrow Ballet Telling the Bees 1 | Watercolour |
12" x 16"


Telling the Bees 2 | Watercolour |
11" x 13.5"
Illustrating the belief that in the event of a death, birth or marriage in a household where bees are kept – they must be informed of the event – or else they will swarm. In the case of death – the widow must address the bees thus ‘Bees, bees, your master is dead. I am your new master’ – she must then show the key to the house to the bees in their hive.
Telling the Bees
When I set out for Lyonesse When I set out for Lyonesse | Oil | 28”x26”
Taken from a poem by Thomas Hardy with reference to the legendary Lyonesse - beneath the waves off the coast of Cornwall and including images of similar legends of King Arthur.

Annette | Oil | 16" x 13.5"

Lots Wife Lot's Wife | Oil | 38" x 29"
An interpretation of the story from The Old Testament about Lot’s wife who was turned into a pillar of salt for disobeying God, by turning back to look at the ruins of Sodom and Gomorrah.
Weeping Clown | Oil | 22”x13”
One of a series which included statuary, architecture and the presence of angels.

Weeping Clown

Bell-Ringers | Oil | 19" x 17.5"

Corridor: Glasgow School of Art | Oil | 23.5" x 18"
the-conservatory The Conservatory | Oil | 23" x 43"
Masks | Oil | 20" x 17"
Nude in the Garden | Oil | 28.5" x 31.5"
Ruth and Naomi | Oil | 21" x 19"
Spanish Girl | Oil | 19" x 17.5"
The Entombement | Mixed Media | 39" x 27"